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Have you recently been overwhelmed by the work of settling an estate while you were grieving the loss of a loved one? Do you worry that you will end up dying under less than ideal conditions because you haven’t communicated your wishes for the end of your life?

My mother was diagnosed with leukemia in May 2007 and was gone by July. The diagnosis came suddenly and unexpectedly, and we had never discussed her wishes for the end of her life. Her last four weeks were spent in the oncology ward, then the ICU, where she was hooked up to tubes and unable to communicate. She was transferred to the hospice floor in her last hours where she died – not in her beloved home looking out at her beautiful garden.

80% of Americans say they want to die at home, but 75% die in a hospital or other medical setting.

When my father died it was different. Though communication grew more and more difficult as his amazing brain deteriorated, my sisters and I have peace of mind now because we had frequently discussed his end-of-life wishes with him, and we knew what he wanted. He died at home in 2018, under hospice care and pain-free, knowing that his loved ones were nearby.

What is your vision for the end of your life?

When you let those around you know how to honor your wishes, you take an important step towards peace of mind for you and your loved ones. You will be able to spend your last years, months, weeks of your life—whatever you might have—focused on meaningful connections and conversations.

Although walking with my father through his last years was challenging, it was also beautiful and peaceful because we knew his wishes. Wouldn’t you like to create a sense of peace around aging and death?

In your End of Life Peace Plan, you will:

  • Make clear your wishes for the end of your life before death happens
  • Share your plan with those who need to know
  • Engage with your mortality
  • Designate what you want to happen to your body
  • Specify how you want to be remembered and design your funeral or memorial
  • Organize your legal documents
  • Be more present now

Learn how to create your End of Life Peace Plan in my 6-module course where you will clarify your thoughts about death and dying. You will create guides for those around you to refer to as you age, outlining exactly what your values are and what is most important to you. The private group forum offers a place to discuss issues that arise, share successes, and get questions answered.

Communication with those who matter to you can be challenging. No matter how much or how little talking you’ve done, by the end of this course you will have increased your level of comfort and confidence around the topic of death.

The six modules to create your End of Life Peace Plan will cover:

  • Module 1: Approach and Accept My Death—examine your beliefs and fears around your own death, and strengthen your communication muscles as you develop clarity
  • Module 2: Collect My Documents—make sure you have the required legal papers accessible, and discover some additional ones that make life easier for those around you
  • Module 3: Designate What Happens to My Body—consider the standard options, and learn about new eco-friendly ones
  • Module 4: Organize My Remembrance—put in place the outline of your service (this is one of the hardest tasks for survivors to handle in the midst of their grief)
  • Module 5: Record My Wishes for End of Life—put down in writing your values regarding location, life support, physical surroundings, hospice, and more
  • Module 6: Share My Plan and Legacy—create meaningful connections and deepen relationships, and gain peace of mind for yourself

The price of $597 includes the modules, live Q&A calls, and 1-1 calls with Johanna.

Completing this 6-week course helps those around you know what you would want, even when you are unable to speak for yourself. You’ll have down on paper, organized and easily accessible, what your choices are regarding medical interventions and pain management, where you want to be, who will be there, and more.

Isn’t it time to face what many find to be an uncomfortable truth— that we are all going to die? Give yourself the gift of planning so you can be present with your loved ones by addressing this reality now.

Life happens, and if you should die or be incapacitated suddenly, your designated decision makers will have a set of instructions to follow and will be relieved of the burden of so many heart-wrenching choices.

Interested in taking this course in 2021?