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Want to reduce anxiety and increase

peace of mind around End of Life?

I can help!


Are you shadowed by "shoulds" around End of Life planning?

…I should have a will (40% of Americans over the age of 50 don’t have one)

…I should think about what medical interventions I’d want or not want (doctors tend to prolong dying at the expense of quality of life)

…I should consider what legacy I want to leave (now is the optimum time to take stock!)

It is possible to create a plan that will:

  • ensure that your estate can be settled with minimum hassle for survivors
  • inform and guide those who will need to know what matters to you
  • communicate wishes for burial options, type of service, and more
  • deepen relationships through candid conversations
  • relieve your anxieties so that you can enjoy life in the present

Planning Brings Peace!

I’m Johanna Munson, and I am an End of Life Navigator, death positivity ambassador, and communications fanatic. I teach individuals and families how to create an End of Life Peace Plan™ so you can walk your final path with serenity and peace.